Places to Visit in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s attractions span the world-renowned Victoria Falls and the World Heritage Great Zimbabwe National Monument and many lesser known wonders worth visiting. Spend an equal amount of time exploring the national parks and urban treasures like the rich heritage museums.

Victoria Falls

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls is a spectacular waterfall on the border with Zambia


The largest game park in Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park offers a variety of scenery and game.

Chobe National Park

Here you can relax, taking in the beautiful scenery, or take the more adventurous approach with one of the many activities on offer


Located on the Zambezi River, Lake Kariba is one of the world's greatest man-made lakes.

Matobo National Park (Bulawayo)

This region is adorned with rock paintings and carvings from the Stone and Iron Ages; it’s a fascinating pictorial representation of prehistoric life hewn into stone.

Great Zimbabwe

This is now the great capital of great significance ancient monument south of the Sahara; in Africa it is second in size and importance to the Egyptian Pyramids. The towering stone houses Dzimba dzamabwe were home of 2000 shona speaking people that prospered between 12th and 15th centuries and its 270 hectares in size. That's where the beautiful stylish fish eagle was found i.e, the Zimbabwe bird on the national flag. The country was later on named Zimbabwe derived from the ruins.Every structure was built using a dry stone technquie- entirely without mortar-involving millions of stones, each one supporting another.

Gonarezhou National Park (Chiredzi)

Second largest national game park after Hwange national park. Easy access from Buffalo Range airport through Ngundu-Tanganda road. This is a definite must do activity when around Chiredzi area or South Eastern levels of Zimbabwe. Second largest home of the elephants. For easy location of the Big Five ( elephant,black rhino, buffalo,lion and leopard) a private Malilangwe Trust reserve with Singita lodge assures you that without much effort.

Vumba Mountains

The Bvumba Mountains, in the Eastern Highlands is overflowing with life all year round. The lush botanical gardens and luxuriant forests are fantastic for walks, espeically for those interested in botany and bird watching. The mountains offer some spectacular views over the highlands and tropical lowlands of Mozambique. With plenty of activites and accommodation to choose from, the mists of Bvumba mountains make it a great escape from the heat.

Nyanga Mountains

Nyanga mountain is the tallest mountain in Zimbabwe .A mountain which local people claim has mysterious things happening on the mountain. Its great place to see Zimbabwean wildlife in its natural habitat with amazing and equally breathtaking views

Chinhoyi Caves

This is a must visit site, especially the main cave with the "sleeping pool", from all angles,the pool will leave you in wonderment,more than 150m deep with crystal clear waters,with fish habitat,the second cave,"the dark cave" has little to offer other than just a side view of the pool.

The Shona Sculpture Gallery

Harare's newest gallery specialising in Shona sculpture. Beautiful garden setting, an oasis of calm just minutes from the airport. See works by the best of the contemporary sculptors alongside the most famous names in the art movement. Secure parking, friendly knowledgeable staff, wifi.

Khami Ruins

Constructed in the 16th century, this is a site of the former capital and major trading city.